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Part 13 - The Influence Of Nutrition

There is oja (nutritious essence) in all food you eat, even in water. If you take nutritious food and appropriate medicine you will lead a long, healthy life. Unsuitable food and medicine bring ill health. The correct choice of food and medicine is obviously conducive to good health.

In a mother's womb the fetus receives the food the mother eats. Thus it develops gradually into a body. Therefore every mother desirous of the infant's health must avoid unsuitable food that will harm her pregnancy. The baby in the womb absorbs nutrition from the food eaten by the mother through the umbilical cord. Knowing this expecting mother must be careful with their diet.

This is some useful advice for the expectant mother. Eat nutritious food; avoid abrupt and awkward movements; check up the pregnancy with a doctor; eat and sleep regularly. Only with such care, a healthy mother can bear healthy children. It is the duty of every mother to be careful with her diet since her early days of pregnancy.

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