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Condition 2 - Upadhi Sampatti And Upadhi Vipatti

Upadhi Sampatti

For beings reborn in gati sampatti (in particular the human world) it is important that they also have upadhi sampatti, pleasant features or good personality. A human being with ugly physical features may not achieve success or popularity while those with pleasant looks, though born in low class or in poverty, may receive help from others and achieve success in life. Good results of past kamma are opportune take effect. A pleasant look is a great asset. The poor lass Samavati became the chief maid of King Utena because of their upadhi sampatti, just as Mrs. Simpson won the heart of King Edward VIII.

Let alone humans, some creatures in gati vipatti such as animals receive protection, food and shelter if they have good looks. Beautiful birds, lovely dogs and colorful fishes are kept as pets by rich people in their houses. Thus good deeds can come to fruition just because of their upadhi sampatti.

Upadhi Vipatti

Ugly animals, deformed animal, etc. are subject to both gati vipatti and upadhi vipatti. There is no chance for their past good deeds to bear fruit in such conditions. Human beings, although in gati sampatti, if they are ugly or deformed, cannot enjoy the effects of their kusala. Even the prosperous high society persons cannot with admiration of others if they are ugly. For instance Princess Pabavati, the beautiful, refused to see or speak to King Kusa, the ugly. Upadhi vipatti paves the way for bad kamma to produce bad results. King Kusa the ugly had to work as a cook, as a potter and as a mat-weaver in order to win the sympathy and love of the beautiful princess. If one partner of a couple is ugly, he or she will look like a servant, not a spouse. Such are the drawbacks of upadhi vipatti.

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