Abhidhamma in Daily Life (by Ashin Janakabhivamsa)

by Ashin Janakabhivamsa | 66,666 words

English translation of "Abhidhamma in Daily Life" by Professor Ko Lay. Revised by Sayadaw U Silananda, International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, Yangon, 1999...

Gati Sampatti

All higher planes of existence such as human world, the worlds of Deva and the worlds of Brahma are called gati sampatti. Being reborn in such abodes give opportunity to their kusala kamma to produce desirable results. The human plane of existence is not entirely free from sufferings, and the Deva and Brahman, worlds above, there is little hardship or suffering. These beings of good destination enjoy good living with pleasurable sense-objects. Such beings, being reborn in gati sampatti are protected from the effects of their past misdeeds. Their bad kamma of the past will not gey much opportunity to produce their evil effects.

Although the human world is not free from suffering it is still gati sampati because, compared with the four Apaya (woeful) planes, it is far more comfortable. The human world gives opportunity to avoid evil sense-object and meet with pleasurable sense-objects.

Gati Vipatti

Gati vipatti means the four woeful planes of existence i.e., heel, animal kingdom, the world of hungry ghosts and the plane of demons. Being in hell and petas (miserable ghosts) suffer great pain and hunger all the time. Therefore they are constantly exposed to the bad effects of their bad kamma. Their lives are always miserable with opportunity for all past actions to bear unwholesome fruits. In the animal kingdom which is not as woeful as the above two abodes, creatures suffer from hunger and thirst; they are constantly weather-beaten and live in constant fear of hunters and predators. These dukkhas show how beings are liable to suffer when opportunities arise from evil kamma to produce evil results. Small insects are crushed or trodden to death by human beings and vehicles everyday. Although these beings had done kusala kamma deeds in their past lives, their kusala can no way save them because they are in the lower woeful abodes i.e. gati vipatti when opportunity are more favorable for their past misdeeds to come to fruition.

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