A Treatise on the Paramis

by Ācariya Dhammapāla | 1978 | 23,066 words

The work introduces itself as a treatise composed “for clansmen following the suttas who are zealously engaged in the practice of the vehicle to great enlightenment, in order to improve their skilfulness in accumulating the requisites of enlightenment.”...

Chapter III - How Many Are There?

In brief there are ten. These have come down in the texts in their specific character. As it is said:

"How many qualities are there, Lord, issuing in Buddhahood?" "There are, Sariputta, ten qualities issuing in Buddhahood. What are the ten? Giving, Sariputta, is a quality issuing in Buddhahood. Virtue, renunciation, wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, determination, loving-kindness, and equanimity are qualities issuing in Buddhahood."[1]

But some say there are six. This is said by way of their synthesis, which we will explain below (section xii).

Footnotes and references:


In Pali: dana, sila, nekkhamma, paned, viriya, khanti, sacca, adhitthana, mend, upekkha. The passage is untraced, but see Buddhavamsa 1, v.76. 

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