A Manual of Abhidhamma

by Nārada Thera | 80,494 words | ISBN-13: 9789380336510

In the Abhidhammattha Sangaha there is a brief exposition of the Law of Dependent Origination, followed by a descriptive account of the Causal Relations that finds no parallel in any other philosophy. Edited in the original Pali Text with English Translation and Explanatory Notes by Narada Maha Thera....

Classification of Individuals


§ 13.

Duhetukānam ahetukānañca pan'ettha kriyā-javanāni c'eva appanājavanāni ca na labbhanti. Tathā ñānasampayuttavipākāni ca sugatiyam, duggatiyam pana ñānavippayuttāni ca mahā-vipākāni na labbhanti.

Tihetukesa ca khīnāsavānam kusalākusala-javanāni ca na labbhantī'ti. Tathā sekkhaputhu-jjanānam kriyājavanāni. Ditthigatasampayuttavicik cchājavanāni ca sekkhānam. Anāgāmi-puggalānam pana patighajavanāni ca na labbhanti. Lokuttarajavanāni ca yathāsakamariyānam eva samuppajjantī' ti.

§ 14.

Asekkhānam catucattālīsasekkhānam uddise Chapaññāsāvasesānam catupaññāsa sambhavā.

Ayam ettha puggalabhedo.



§ 13.

Herein, to those whose rebirth-consciousness is conditioned by two roots (alobha and adosa) and conditioned by none, functional javanas and ecstatic javanas[1] do not arise. Likewise, in a happy plane, resultants, accompanied by knowledge, also do not arise[2]. But in a woeful state they do not also get great resultants dissociated with knowledge

To the Corruption-freed (Arahats) amongst those whose rebirth-consciousness is conditioned by three roots, no moral nor immoral javanas arise. Similarly to the Sekhas and worldlings functional javanas do not arise. Nor do the javanas connected with misbelief and doubts arise to the Sekhas.[3] To the Anāgāmi individuals there are no javanas connected with aversion.[4] But the supramundane javanas are experienced only by Ariyas[5] according to their respective capacities.

§ 14.

As they arise it is stated that Asekhas experience 44[6], Sekhas 56[7], and the rest 54[8] classes of consciousness.

Herein this is the classification of individuals.

Footnotes and references:


It is only a tihetuka individual that could develop Jhānas or attain Sainthood.


Owing to the inferiority of the rebirth-consciousne tihetuha tadālambanas do not arise.


Because they are eradicated on attaining sotāpatti.


Because an Anāgāmi eradicates sense-desires and aversion.


All the four classes of Saints are called Ariyas because they are far removed from passions.


Namely, 18 ahetukas + 16 sobhana kriyā and vipāka, + 9 rūpa and arūpa kriyā, + 1 arahatta Phala.


Namely, 7 akusalas + 21 (8+ 5 + 4 + 4) kusalas + 23 kāmāvacara vipākas + 2 āvajjanas + 3 phalas.


To worldlings 54, namely, 12 akusalas + 17 ahetukas + 16 sobhana kusala and vipākas + 9 rūpa and arūpakusalas.

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