A Discourse on Paticcasamuppada

by Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw | 62,614 words

The Paticcasamuppada refers to “The Doctrine of Dependent Origination”. This is the English translation done by U Aye Maung Published by U Min Swe Buddhasasana Nuggaha Organization Rangoon, Burma....

Chapter 2 - Upapata


For heavenly beings like catumaharaja and others, as soon as the rebirth citta arises, there also arise 70 rupas or seven different kalapas, viz., cakkhu, sota, ghana, jiva, kayabhava and vatthudasaka. Kalapas of the same kind are innumerable according to the size of the devas eyes, ears, etc. There are no dasaka kalapas, that is, ghana, jiva, kaya and bhava in the three first jhanic abodes, the three second jhanic abodes, the three third jhanic abodes, the vehapphala and suddhavasa abodes. The three dasakarupa kalapas (cakkhu, sota and vatthu dasaka) and one navaka kalapa or a total of four different kalapas or 39 rupas arise simultaneously with rebirth citta. Of these four kalapas, jivitanavaka kalapa takes on the nature of kayadasaka. The body of the Brahma is pervaded by jivita and nine rupas as is the devas body by kayadasaka kalapa. Asannasatta Brahmas have no citta from the moment of rebirth. They have only jivitanavaka kalapa which assume Brahmanic form. Being devoid of citta and cittaja rupa, such a Brahma knows nothing and makes no movement. He is like a wooden statue. More wonderful than these Brahmas are arupa Brahmas who having no rupa live in arupa (immaterial) worlds for thousands of world systems through the successive renewal of mind and its elements. These accounts do not admit of scientific investigation and they concern only the Buddha and holy men with psychic powers.

The denizens of hell and the petas who are forever burning and starving cannot be conceived in wombs nor can they arise from putrid matter. Because of their evil kamma they come into being by materialization. Like the aforementioned devas they develop seven kalapas or 70 rupas simultaneously. They usually do not have defective vision, hearing, etc., since they are doomed to suffering through sense contact with evil objects.

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