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An introduction to the "Body of Knowledge" known as Theosophy


To Humanity With Love...

To Humanity With Love...


Since this eternal and universal teaching has always been presented to humanity, individually and collectively, to open mindedly look into, investigate, study, and apply, and never, ever asks, or wants, anyone to blindly believe it, but only asks each searcher to use it as an ongoing "working hypothesis", until each person can finally prove it to and for him or her self, through direct, first hand experience, it is here presented to everyone who comes to this site in the same way -- by a student who so far, after about 24 years of deep study and contemplation, has a firm conviction that the universe truly works the way the teachings say it does, inclusive of our place in it and how we are each connected to it, but who hasnt yet actually "proved" it to and for himself through first hand experience.

VOLUME 1--> Setting the Stage

A compilation of selected articles by wise and knowledgeable students of Those Who Know with introduction and bridging commentaries by the compil

The above is the wording that will be on the future book cover -- if there is ever a printed version. Meanwhile, everything that could ever be in the paperback version, and much more, is always posted on this web site first.


THE INTENT: To help pave the way for a widely welcomed Universal public education of humanity into the True nature of all Reality, individually and collectively, worldwide, and all done in the bright blaze of the public spotlight.

THE METHOD: A carefully chosen selection and arrangement of articles taken from back issues of THEOSOPHY magazine is presented in book form on this web site, in the "Volume 1--> Setting the Stage" link, in order to show everyone just what undistorted Theosophy truly is, and what a dependable source of pure Theosophy the publishers and editors of THEOSOPHY magazine have been.

WHY? So that regular newspapers and magazines, and scientific, religious, philosophical, and educational publications of all kinds, both print and electronic, worldwide, will begin to feel inspired, because becoming more and more confident of what they are capable of, to contact the editors of THEOSOPHY magazine and offer a wise and knowledgeable team of Theosophists, that they would put together, drawing its associates from all Theosophical organizations, and from none, regularly scheduled sections or column space in their publications. And in general will invite this proposed "United" Theosophical team to write on a regular basis in their publications on every subject under the sun that is important to humanity; and will invite them, and all other schools of thought, in every science, religion, and philosophy, to dialogue together in these publications, in all ways, including point counterpoint.

The goal is to encourage the world wide media, the entire scientific community, educators at every level, and the leaders, stars, and superstars in every field of human endeavor, within both government and the private sector, to open mindedly inquire into some portion of the whole vast field of the accumulated Wisdom of the Ages -- at least at the level of having a clear and true basic overview. Why? To help humanity solve its many man made, worsening problems; most of which are founded on wrong basic concepts as to the true nature of all reality. And because everyone who has the attention of the public, in whatever arena and to whatever degree, proportionately wields great power and influence when it comes to what humanity everywhere concentrates its attention on, and what the average public conduct, discourse, and dialogue is at any given time -- this social influence is a very sacred responsibility.


This teaching claims to be the source of all sciences, religions, and philosophies. It is found at all times throughout history, in every land and among all people.

The universal Teaching being pointed to claims to be the only absolutely correct interpreter of all of the worlds scriptures, symbols, myths, and allegories from every people, civilization, and religion.

The Truths and the Realities that this eternal and universal Teaching points to need to be re remembered by each of us. According to it, somewhere in our past all of us were conscious of our true place in the cosmos, and knew ourselves to be members of this eternal worldwide Movement.

It is said that most of the greatest people down the ages, those worshipped and/or respected in every nation, were members of this fraternity -- whether they were, at the time, aware or unaware of it.

It is said that every subject in science, religion, philosophy, history, education, and ethics, needs to be held up to public scrutiny in the light of this Ancient, Constant, and Universal Teaching.

It is my opinion that this Teaching is absolutely needed in the world to help bring everyone together -- from every religion, nation, ethnic group, people, culture, and race.

This Teaching wisely and profoundly deals with every important subject under the sun in science, religion, philosophy, history, education, ethics, and social problems; and if open mindedly looked into would be very helpful to a whole world full of the best and brightest experts, scholars, scientists, educators, theologians, and historians who would invite it into the public dialogue and give it a fair, thorough going over, over a long period of time. It welcomes and calls for this sort of tough scrutiny and will always participate and assist in this process of investigation which is carried out in the blaze of the worldwide public spotlight.

A body of knowledge which, according to the evidence constantly highlighted and presented by its student teachers, seems to always be way in advance of modern science, all down through the long ages, in every science, deserves to be at least seriously considered when it comes to its views of the nature of reality from a religious point of view.

The compiled book itself is the "Introductory" heart of this web site, and is found in the "Volume 1--> Setting the Stage" link. Reading the articles in sequence, little by little, like you would any other book, will help you to better understand what true and authentic Theosophy is all about. After the last article in the book, there is a link to a section that contains a growing list of articles and series of articles.

Feel free to copy and printout anything you want from this web site.

I want it to be clear to everyone that even though I have long been a student of the Teaching that I am pointing to on this web site, it is absolutely independent and is not sponsored and/or controlled by any persons or organizations other than myself. I have acted independently to create this project and was not asked to do this by anyone -- not by the publisher and editors of THEOSOPHY magazine, or by anyone else!

And let it also be known that the primary emphasis here in regards to Theosophy is on its original, unaltered, and undistorted doctrines as re presented to humanity by H. P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge, who it is claimed both worked closely with the world wide fraternity of Great Adepts from every land: Those Who Know.

Any publisher who would like to print a paperback version of this free online book, and then maybe some follow up books from the much larger "Additional" section that follows the last article, is welcomed to make contact in order to discuss the possibilities. Of course the preference is for publishers who understand the immense importance of what this book contains for humanity, and who would promote it accordingly.

This Introductory Brochure continues on with the overall mission and "intent" of this web site.


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