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The indigenous peoples of the Americas are called Native Americans. These 'Indians' belonged to at least 300 different tribes and spoke over 2,000 different languages. Each tribe spoke a separate language, and their houses, clothes and entertainment differed. However, they all followed a similar life based on hunting and farming.

To them the spirit world was embodied in every part of the natural world, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral.

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Goddard, Pliny Earle. (1918). Myths and tales from the San Carlos Apache. Anthropological Papers of The American Museum of Natural History, (Vol. 24, pt 1). New York: The American Museum of Natural History.
by Pliny Earle Goddard
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by Stith Thompson
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Rich anthology of the myths and legends of the Algonquins, Iroquois, Pawnees, and Sioux, prefaced by an extensive historical and ethnological commentary. Simply written tales of warrior rivalries, steadfast love, and victory over ...
by Lewis Spence
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The Sioux Nation consisted of about 20,000 people in 7 different tribes throughout the Great Plains. While the Sioux were known to be great warriors, the family was considered the key unit of Sioux life. The Sioux were a deepl...
by Marie L. McLaughlin
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