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Hinduism is formed of multiple traditions and does not have a founder. Originally, Hindu was a secular term which was used to describe all inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent (or Hindustan) irrespective of their religious affiliation. An important part of Hinduism is the "Vedic religion". It is also called the oldest living religion. A large body of texts is classified as Hindu which includes discussions on theology, philosophy and mythology, and information on the practice of dharma (religious living).


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new! Mul Mantra
added 2014-08-16
The Mul Mantar is the first composition in the Sikh holy text and living Guru, the Guru Granth Sahib, written in Punjabi. It is a series of affirmations and is the basis of Sikh theology, as well as the fundamental prayer.
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added 2014-08-14
The book contains the essence on how devotees develop love of Krishna, and how they bring Krishna under control through their love.
by Sarasvati Thkura
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added 2014-08-14
Gaudiya Kantahara was published by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati to train devotees in the philosophy of Krishna-consciousness and to be able to quote the authoritative parts of the Vedas. A collection of over a thousand verses, ...
by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati
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added 2014-08-13
Sri Krishna Vijaya is the description of Lord Krishna's pastimes when He appeared on earth more than five thousand years ago. Compiled by the famous Vaishnava Poet Gunaraja Khan (also known as Maladhar Vasu).
by Śrī Gunaraja Khan
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added 2014-08-02
Sanatkumara in Sanskrit means "eternal youth". Sage Sanatkumara was one of the Four Kumaras, the four Manasputras (mind-born-sons) or spiritual sons of Brahma. He is also the author of the Sanatkumara Samhita, which i...
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