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Hinduism is formed of multiple traditions and does not have a founder. Originally, Hindu was a secular term which was used to describe all inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent (or Hindustan) irrespective of their religious affiliation. An important part of Hinduism is the "Vedic religion". It is also called the oldest living religion. A large body of texts is classified as Hindu which includes discussions on theology, philosophy and mythology, and information on the practice of dharma (religious living).


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added 2014-03-18
The Kathā Sarit Sāgara is the earliest extant short story collection, written by Somadeva around 1070. It's a fine collection of stories, presented in a fine translation, fascinating both simply as a good read and as an artifact...
translated by C. H. Tawney
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added 2014-03-08
The Brahma sūtras (or, Vedānta Sūtras), are one of the three canonical texts of the Vedānta school of Hindu philosophy. The Brahma sūtra is an early exposition of the Vedanta-interpretation of the Upanishads. It is an atte...
by Swami Vireshwarananda
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added 2014-03-03
Tirukkuṟaḷ is a classic of couplets or Kurals (1330 rhyming Tamil couplets) or aphorisms. It was authored by Thiruvalluvar, a poet who is said to have lived anytime between 2nd century BCE and 5th century CE. Most believe he w...
by Tiruvaḷḷuvar; translated by Rev. G.U. Pope
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added 2014-03-03
Thiruvasagam is a volume of Tamil hymns composed by the ninth century Shaivite bhakti poet Manikkavacakar. It contains 51 compositions and constitutes the eighth volume of the Tirumurai, the sacred anthology of Tamil Shaiva Siddha...
by Māṇikkavācakar; translated by Rev. G.U. Pope
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Vol. IV deals with the Bhagavata Purana, Madhva and his School, Vallabha, Caitanya, Jiva Gosvami and Baladeva Vidyabhusana. This is the fourth of five volumes, that were originally published between 1922 and 1955. In these vol...
by Surendranath Dasgupta
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