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Yogi, 8 Definition(s)

AKA: Yogī

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One who is undertaking the spiritual path of awakening; a meditator
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YOGI (Skt.; Tib = neljorpa). Practitioner of yoga (also female, yogini, neljorma). In Tibet, generally refers to lay Tantric practitioners, though monks and nuns also perform Tantric yoga.
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Sanskrit words usually referring to a male or a female meditator who has attained the union of tranquil abiding and superior seeing.
Added: 23.Nov.2008 | Source: Kadampa: Glossary of Buddhist Terms
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M (The one who trains into the development of concentration). Person who practices satipatthana or meditation.

Added: 26.Apr.2009 | Source: Dhamma Dana: Pali English Glossary
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One of the 108 names of Krishna; Meaning: "The Supreme Master"

Added: 19.Dec.2011 | Source: humindian: 108 names of Lord Krishna
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A person who practices some form of yoga. Male-yogin, female-yogini.

Added: 29.Jun.2012 | Source: ReligionNet: Hinduism Glossary
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Yogi (योगी): One who practices yoga, These designations are mostly reserved for advanced practitioners. The word "yoga" itself—from the Sanskrit root yuj ("to yoke") --is generally translated as "union" or "integration" and may be understood as union with the Divine, or integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Added: 29.Jun.2012 | Source: WikiPedia: Glossary of Hinduism terms
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yogī : (m.) one who practices spiritual exercise.

Added: 03.Aug.2014 | Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary
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