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Yamaka Vagga, 2 Definition(s)

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Yamaka,(fr.yama3) 1.(adj.) double,twin; only in foll.combns°pāṭihāriya (& °hīra) the miracle of the double appearances,a miracle performed by the Buddha in Sāvatthī to refute the heretical teachers (cp.Vin.III,332,Samanta-pāsādika; and in detail DA.I,57).It consisted in the appearance of phenomena of opposite character in pairs,as e.g.streaming forth of fire & water.(Cp.Mhvs trsln 120).The miracle was repeatedly performed by the Buddha & is often referred to,e.g.at Ps.I,125 (°hīra); J.I,77,88,193; Miln.106 (°hīraṃ),349 (°hāriyaṃ); Mhvs 17,44,50; 30,82; 31,99; Dāvs.I,50 (°hīraṃ); DhA.III,213 (id.); SnA 36; Vism.390; PvA.137.--sālā the pair of Sal willows in between of which the Buddha passed away VvA.165; PvA.212.-- 2.(adj.or m.) a twin,twin child Mhvs 6,9 (yamake duve puttaṃ ca dhītaraṃ janesi),37 (soḷasakkhattuṃ yamake duve duve putte janayi); DhA.I,353 (same,with vijāyi).-- 3.(nt.) a pair,couple,N.of one of the Abhidhamma canonical books,also called Yamaka-ppakaraṇa; Tikp 8.-- The Yamakasutta refers to the conversion of the bhikkhu Yamaka and is given at S.III,109 sq.; mentioned at Vism.479 & VbhA.32.The phrase yamakato sammasana at Vism.626 may mean “in pairs” (like kalāpato “in a bundle” ibid.),or may refer to the Yamaka-sutta with its discussion of anicca,dukkha,anatta.(Page 551)

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1. Yamaka Vagga. The first section of the Dhammapada.

2. Yamaka Vagga. The eight chapter of the Atthaka Nikaya of the Anguttara Nikaya. A.iv.314-35.

3. Yamaka Vagga. The seventh chapter of the Dasaka Nipata of the Anguttara Nikaya. A.v.113-31.

4. Yamaka Vagga. The second chapter of the Salayatana Samyutta. S.iv.6-15.

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