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Yādavas (यादव): The descendants of Yadu, who dwelt by the Yamuna river.

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· Yadava
The Yadavas (lit: 'descended from Yadu') were an ancient Indian people who be...
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· Satyaki
Satyaki was a Yadava warrior, the grandson of the great warrior Sini. He was ...
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· Syala
Syala (स्याल): A Yadava prince who insulted the sage Gargya, and was the cause o...
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· Mahishmati
Mahishmati was an ancient city mentioned in the epic Mahabharata. It was the ...
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· Madhura
1. Madhura. The capital of Surasena, situated on the Yamuna. Its king, soon ...
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· Pritha
1) Daughter of a Yadava chief named Sura. Arjuna was her son. 2) Pritha; ...
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· Sini
He was the Yadava warrior, who defeated Somadatta and won the hand of the pri...
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· Kritavarman
Kritavarman was the chief of the Bhojas, and the son of Hridika. The Bhojas w...
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· Yashoda
Yashoda was the wife of Nanda, a Yadava chieftain. She brought up Krishna, wh...
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· Ugrasena
Ugrasena (उग्रसेन): one-time King of Yadavas; deposed by his son Kams. His wife ...
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· Somadatta
1. Somadatta. The Bodhisatta born as the son of the brahmin Aggidatta (q.v.). ...
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· Kamsa
1. Kamsa - Another name, according to the scholiast, for Brahmadatta, king of ...
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· Yadu
Yadu (यदु): A prince of the lunar dynasty; Yadu is the name of one of the five A...
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· Surasena
1) Surasena. One of the sixteen Mahajanapada (q.v.). It is mentioned with Maccha...
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· Bhurisravas
Bhurisravas was the son of Somadatta and a great warrior. He was the enemy of...
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