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Yādavas (यादव): The descendants of Yadu, who dwelt by the Yamuna river.

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The Yadavas (lit: 'descended from Yadu') were an ancient Indian people who be...
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· Kritavarman
Kritavarma (कृतवर्म): A notable Yadava warrior fighting on the side of Kaurava f...
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· Mathura
Mathurā (मथुरा): The capital of Yadavas which was invaded by Kams
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· Somadatta
1) Somadatta (सोमदत्त):—Son of Kṛśāśva (one of the two sons of Saṃyama)...
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· Candravaṃśa
Candravaṃśa (चन्द्रवंश):—According to myth, one of the two great dynast...
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· Surasena
1) Surasena. One of the sixteen Mahajanapada (q.v.). It is mentioned with Maccha...
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· Ugrasena
Ugrasena (उग्रसेन): one-time King of Yadavas; deposed by his son Kams. His wife ...
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· Madhura
Sweet (Madhura) decreases vata and pitta, increases kapha—Sweet has a c...
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· Bhoja S
Bhoja S (भोज): A branch of the Yadava clan belonging to Krishna's tribe.
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· Vasudeva
Vāsudeva (वासुदेव, “He who pervades and sports”):—One of th...
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