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Wrong Path, 1 Definition(s)

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· Eightfold Path
There are also eightfold paths: 1) noble eightfold path (āryāṣṭāṅgamārga...
13 desc.
· Threefold path
There are also threefold paths (to go directly to nirvāṇa): A) Three kind...
1 desc.
· Twofold path
There are also twofold paths (to go directly to nirvāṇa): bad path (a...
1 desc.
· Fourfold path
There are also fourfold paths: 1) the path of worldly people (pṛthagjana...
1 desc.
· Middle Path
3 desc.
· Fivefold path
There are also fivefold paths: 1) path of the damned (nārakamārga), path...
1 desc.
· Sixfold path
There are also sixfold paths: 1) path of the damned (nārakamārga), path ...
1 desc.
· Wrong View
The tendency of the mind to cling to concepts at the expense of reality; taking ...
2 desc.
· Simple Path
There is a simple path (ekayāna) to go directly to nirvāṇa: this is mindfulne...
1 desc.
· Ninefold path
There are also ninefold paths: 1) path of the nine successive absorption...
1 desc.
· Wrong Understanding
(or view), w. thought, w. speech; etc: s. micchā-magga.
1 desc.
· Path Condition
magga-paccaya, is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya).
1 desc.
· Path Result
(fruition): phala.
1 desc.
· Sevenfold path
There are also sevenfold paths: 1) paths of the seven factors of bodhi (s...
1 desc.
· Tenfold path
There are also tenfold paths: 1) paths of the ten aśaikṣas; 2) paths...
1 desc.

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