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Buddha gave his teachings in three main phases, which are known as "the three turnings of the Wheel of Dharma" . During the first Wheel he taught the four noble truths, during the second he taught the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras and revealed the Madhyamika Prasangika view, and during the third he taught the Chittamatra view. These teachings were given according to the inclinations and dispositions of his disciples. Buddhas final view is that of the second Wheel. Dharma is compared to the precious wheel, one of the possessions of a legendary chakravatin king. This wheel could transport the king across great distances in a very short time, and it is said that wherever the precious wheel travelled the king reigned. In a similar way, when Buddha revealed the path to enlightenment he was said to have "turned the Wheel of Dharma" because, wherever these teachings are present, deluded minds are brought under control.

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