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Weapons, 1 Definition(s)

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· Armor Arms
The subject naturally divides itself into-- I. Offensive weapons: Arms. II. Defe...
1 desc.
· Vajra
Vajrā (वज्रा) is another name for Balāka, which is a Sanskrit word referring ...
15 desc.
· Cakra
Cakra (चक्र):—The chariot (ratha) has, as a rule, two wheels (cakra), t...
17 desc.
· Armour
is employed in the English Bible to denote military equipment, both offensive an...
1 desc.
· Sataghni
A thick, stick-like growth in the throat, studded over with fleshy papillae a...
4 desc.
· Vajrayudha
On the day Murukan was born, Intiran became his enemy and tried to destroy hi...
4 desc.
· Daṇḍa
Daṇḍa (दण्ड, “open attack”) is of three types— forc...
9 desc.
· Musala
Musala is the name of the Indian woon pestle, which is an ordinary cylindrica...
5 desc.
· Āyudha
Ayudha generally translates to weapons; but, in shilpa-sastra, the term indic...
3 desc.
· Ox Goad
mentioned only in Judges 3:31 , the weapon with which Shamgar (q.v.) slew six hu...
1 desc.
· Brahmāstra
Brahmāstra (ब्रह्‍मास्‍त्र): A divine weapon, irresistible, one given...
1 desc.
· Āgneyāstra
Āgneyāstra (आग्नेयास्त्र, “the fire weapon”) is a Sanskrit word f...
2 desc.
· Aṅkuśa
Aṅkuśa (Elephant Goad) - Incentive to continue in spiritual practice and the ...
7 desc.
· Hala
Hala.—This is the ordinary Indian plough, probably extemporised as a we...
3 desc.
· Dhanus
Dhanus (धनुस्, the ‘bow’), frequently mentioned in the Rigveda an...
4 desc.

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