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Vihara Sutta, aka: Vihāra sutta; 2 Definition(s)

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Vihāra,(fr.viharati) 1.(as m.& adj.) spending one’s time (sojourning or walking about),staying in a place,living; place of living,stay,abode (in general) VvA.50 (jala°); PvA.22,79; eka° living by oneself S.II,282 sq.; jaṅghā° wandering on foot PvA.73; divā° passing the time of day Sn.679; PvA.142.See also below 3 a.-- 2.(appld meaning) state of life,condition,mode of life (in this meaning almost identical with that of vāsa2),e.g.ariya° best condition S.V,326; SnA 136; dibba° supreme condition (of heart) Miln.225; brahma° divine state S.V,326; SnA 136; Vism.295 sq.(ch.IX.); phāsu° comfort A.III,119,132; sukha° happiness S.III,8; V,326; A.I,43; II,23; III,131 sq.; IV,111 sq.230 sq.; V,10 sq.See further D.I,145,196; III,220 (dibba,brahma,ariya),250 (cha satata°),281; S.II,273 (jhāna°); III,235 (id.); A.III,294 (°ṃ kappeti to live one’s life); Ps.II,20; Nett 119 sq.‹-› 3.(a) a habitation for a Buddhist mendicant,an abode in the forest (arañña°),or a hut; a dwelling,habitation,lodging (for a bhikkhu),a single room Vin.II,207 sq.; D.II,7; A.III,51,299 (yathāvihāraṃ each to his apartment); Sn.220 (dūra° a remote shelter for a bhikkhu),391; Vism.118 (different kinds; may be taken as c.).-- (b) place for convention of the bhikkhus,meeting place; place for rest & recreation (in garden or park) DA.I,133.-- (c) (later) a larger building for housing bhikkhus,an organized monastery,a Vihāra Vin.I,58; III,47; S.I,185 (°pāla the guard of the monastery); J.I,126; Miln.212; Vism.292; DhA.I,19 (°cārikā visit to the monastery),49 (°pokkharaṇī),416; Mhvs 19,77; PvA.12,20,54,67,141.151; and passim.See also Dictionary of Names.The modern province Behar bears its name from the vihāras.(Page 642)

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1. Vihara Sutta. On the nine kinds of abiding (vihara) in the four jhanas and in the spheres of infinite space, infinite consciousness, nothingness, neither perception nor non perception, and in the sphere where feeling and perception have ended. A.iv.410.

2. Vihara Sutta. On the nine attainments of gradual abiding, similar to Sutta 1, the abiding being the same.

3. Vihara Sutta. See the Padesavihara Sutta.

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