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Valley Of Charashim, 1 Definition(s)

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(ravine of craftsmen ), a place near Lydda, a few miles east of Joppa. ( 1 Chronicles 4:14 )

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Brother of Balder; kills Hoder.
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· Charashim
craftsmen, a valley named in 1 Chronicles 4:14 . In Nehemiah 11:35 the Hebrew wo...
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· Valley Vale
It is hardly necessary to state that these words signify a hollow sweep of groun...
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(i.e., "Valley of the Cheesemongers"), the name given by Josephus the historian ...
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or The brook of, a wady in the neighborhood of Hebron (Mamre), explored by the s...
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( 1 Samuel 5:18 1 Samuel 5:22 ; 23:13 ; 1 Chronicles 11:15 ; 14:9 ; Isaiah 17:5 ...
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(valley of the judgment of Jehovah ), a valley mentioned by Joel only, as the sp...
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( Psalms 84:6 ; RSV, "valley of weeping," marg., "or balsam trees"), probably a ...
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a name given to the valley of Jehoshaphat (q.v.) as the vale of the sentence. Th...
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(valley of the terebinth ), the valley in which David killed Goliath. ( 1 Samuel...
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(valley of trouble ), the spot at which Achan was stoned. ( Joshua 7:24 Joshua 7...
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a place where it is said David smote the Syrians ( 2 Samuel 8:13 ). This valley ...
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valley of the plain the ancient name of the "king's dale" (q.v.), or Kidron, on ...
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a valley in which Jehoshaphat and his people assembled to "bless" Jehovah after ...
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