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Upasampada, 6 Definition(s)

AKA: Upasampadaa, Upasampadā

'Upasampada' belongs in these categories: Buddhism


Acceptance; full ordination as a bhikkhu or bhikkhuni. See pabbajja.
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N Admission within of sangha as a bhikkhu. Integration of a samasera within the communuty of bhikkhus.

Added: 26.Apr.2009 | Source: Dhamma Dana: Pali English Glossary
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acceptance into the order of bhikkhus (ordination). This must take place within a prescribed boundary, called a sima.

Added: 16.May.2009 | Source: Amaravati: Glossary
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Upasampadaa: See Ordination

Added: 31.May.2009 | Source: Access to Insight: The Bhikkhus Rules
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upasampadā : (f.) higher ordination of a monk.

Added: 03.Aug.2014 | Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary
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Upasampadā,(f.) (fr.upa + saṁ + pad) -- 1.taking,acquiring; obtaining,taking upon oneself,undertaking D.II,49; M.I,93; A.III,65; Dh.183 (cp.DhA.III,236); Nett 44 (kusalassa).-- 2.(in special sense) taking up the bhikkhuship,higher ordination,admission to the privileges of recognized bhikkhus (cp.BSk.upasampad & °padā Divy 21,281 etc.) Vin.I,12,20,95,146 and passim; III,15; IV,52; D.I,176,177,202; S.I,161; A.IV,276 sq.& passim; DhA.II,61 (pabbajjā +); PvA.54 (laddh° one who has received ordination),179 (id.).(Page 147)

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