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A wisdom motivated by conventional bodhichitta that directly realizes emptiness. See Universal Compassion and Great Treasury of Merit.
Added: 23.Nov.2008 | Source: Kadampa: Glossary of Buddhist Terms
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All phenomena have two natures aE a conventional nature and an ultimate nature. ...
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The ultimate nature of all phenomena, emptiness. See Heart of Wisdom, Meaningful...
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See Bodhichitta.
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See Spontaneous bodhichitta.
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M (Absolute reality). The universe is constituted with four paramatthas.
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1) Relative or conventional, everyday truth of the mundane world subject to delu...
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Those who aspire to Supreme Enlightenment and Buddhahood for themselves and all ...
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The deathless; the cessation of all suffering. The very opposite of the Wheel of...
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