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1. Tanha Sutta - On the one hundred and eight thoughts of craving - thirty six each, of the past, the present, and the future - which, like a net, snares one, clings to one, etc. A.ii.211f.

2. Tanha Sutta - The four causes of the arising of craving in a monk - robes, food, lodging, success or failure in undertakings. A.ii.10.

3. Tanha Sutta - The nine evil things which have their ultimate origin in tanha. A.iv.400f.

4. Tanha Sutta - Both craving and the emancipation there from, through knowledge, are nourished and fulfilled by something, and this something may finally be reduced to association with the bad and the good respectively. A.v.116ff.

5. Tanha Sutta - Preached in answer to a question by a deva. It is craving, above all things, which brings everything beneath its sway. S.i.39.

6. Tanha Sutta - Preached to Rahula, as question and answer. Craving for objects of sense is fleeting, and leads, therefore, to unhappiness. S.ii.248, 251.

7. Tanha Sutta - Craving for body is impermanent; likewise craving for sounds, scents, savours, etc. S.iii.227.

8. Tanha Sutta - The arising of craving for body and for things is the beginning of decay and death, its cessation, their cessation. S.iii.230.

9. Tanha Sutta - Desire and lust for visible shape, etc; these are a corruption of the heart. S.iii.234.

10. Tanha Sutta - A discussion between Sariputta and Jambukhadaka on the three kinds of craving - for sense delight, for becoming, for not becoming. S.iv.257.

11. Tanha Sutta - The Noble Eightfold Path must be followed in order to get rid of the three kinds of craving. S.v.57f.

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