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Supernormal, 1 Definition(s)

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mahaggata; -knowledges, s. abhiññā.

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· Abhinna
Intuitive powers that come from the practice of concentration: the ability to di...
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· Khitaka
1. Khitaka Thera - An arahant. He was born in a brahmin family in Savatthi, an...
1 desc.
· Abbhuta
abbhuta : (adj.) wonderful; marvelous. (nt.), a wonder; a marvel; a bet.
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· Abhinna Vagga
The twenty sixth section of the Catukka Nipata of the Anguttara Nikaya. It consi...
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· Dasabala
dasabala : (adj.) endowed with ten supernormal powers, the Buddha.
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· Sampada Sutta
1. Sampada Sutta. The three attainments and the three growths faith, virtue, i...
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· Dhamma Vagga
Dhamma Vagga - The ninth chapter of the Duka Nipata of the Anguttara Nikaya. A.i...
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· Mahaggata
See Mahaggata Cittas
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· Abhinindriya
Abhinindriya,(vv. ll. at all passages for ahīnindriya) doubtful meaning. The oth...
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· Dhyāna
Another way of spelling jhana. A jhana is one of the highest levels of awaren...
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· Dhamma Jataka
The Bodhisatta once became a Kamavacara god, named Dhamma, and Devadatta becam...
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· Abhijānāti
abhijānāti : (abhi + ñā + nā) knows fully or by experience; is aware.
2 desc.
· Dasa
dasa : (in cpds.), one who sees. (adj.), ten.
3 desc.
· Sampadā
'attainment, blessing'. The 5 blessings are said to be (A.V.91): faith, morali...
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· Jhāna
The practice of concentration i.e., meditation. Also, more specifically, the fou...
23 desc.

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