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Sumana, aka: Sumanā; 3 Definition(s)

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Sumanā,the great-flowered jasmine J.I,62; IV,455; DhA.IV,12.In composition sumana°

--dāma a wreath of jasmine J.IV,455.--paṭṭa cloth with jasmine pattern J.I,62.--puppha j.flower Miln.291; VvA.147.--makula a j.bud DhA.III,371.--mālā garland of j.VvA.142.(Page 720)

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sumana : (adj.) glad. || sumanā (f.), jasmine; a glad woman.

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1. Sumana. The fourth of the twenty four Buddhas. He was born in Mekhala, his father being the khattiya Sudatta and his mother Sirima. For nine thousand years he lived as a householder in three palaces - Canda, Sucanda and Vatamsa (BuA.125 calls them Narivaddhana, Somavaddhana and Iddhivaddhana) - his wife being Vatamsika and his son Anupama. He left the world on an elephant, practised austerities for ten months, and attained enlightenment under a naga tree, being given a meal of milk rice by Anupama, daughter of Anupama setthi of Anoma, and grass for his seat by the Ajivaka Anupama. His first sermon was preached in the Mekhala Park, and among his first disciples were his step brother Sarana and the purohitas son Bhavitatta. His Twin miracle was performed in Sunandavati. The Bodhisatta was a Naga king Atula. One of the Buddhas chief assemblies was on the occasion of his solving the questions of King Arindama on Nirodha.

Sarana and Bhavitatta were his chief monks and Sona and Upasena his chief nuns. Udena was his personal attendant. Varuna and Sarana were his chief lay supporters among men and Cala and Upacala among women. His body was ninety cubits in height, and he died at the age of ninety thousand in Angarama, where a thupa of four yojanas was erected over his ashes. Bu.v.1ff.; BuA.125f.; J.i.30,34,35, 40.

2. Sumana. Attendant of Padumuttara Buddha (J.i.37; Bu.xi.24). His eminence prompted Ananda (Sumana in that birth) to resolve to be an attendant of some future Buddha. ThagA.ii.122; see also Ap.i.195.

3. Sumana. Step brother of Padumuttara, Buddha. He obtained, as boon from the king, the privilege of waiting on the Buddha for three months. He built in the park of Sobhana a vihara. The park belonged to the householder Sobhana, and he built the vihara, on land for which he gave one hundred thousand. There he entertained the Buddha and his monks. Sunanda is identified with Ananda. ThagA.ii.122f.; AA.i.160f.; SA.ii.168f.

4. Sumana. A pupil of Anuruddha. He represented the monks from Paveyyaka at the Second Council. Vasabhagami was his colleague. See also Sumana (8). Mhv.iv.49, 58; Dpv.iv.48; v.24; Vin.ii.305, etc.

5. Sumana. A garland maker, given as an example of one whose acts bore fruit in this very life (Mil.115, 291, 350; cf. DhSA.426; PSA.498). He was Bimbisaras gardener, and provided the king daily with eight measures of jasmine flowers, for which he received eight pieces of money, One day, while on his way to the palace, he saw the Buddha, and threw two handfuls of flowers into the air, where they formed a canopy over the Buddhas head. Two handfuls thrown on the right, two on the left and two behind, all remained likewise in the air and accompanied the Buddha as he walked through the city, a distance of three leagues, that all might see the miracle.

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1. Sumana. An aggasavika of Anomadassi Buddha.

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