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Somamaṇḍala, aka: Soma-mandala; 1 Definition(s)

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Somamaṇḍala (सोममण्डल):—One of the four maṇḍalas that make up the Khecarīcakra, according to the kubjikāmata-tantra. This maṇḍala consists of a ring of sixteen petals occupied by thirty-two female deities. These goddesses are said to be born from Kubjikā’s body and represent the thirty-two syllables of the Aghoramantra.

This is the list of the thirty-two goddesses associated with the sixteen petals of the Somamaṇḍala:

  1. Caṇḍā,
  2. Ghaṇṭā,
  3. Mahānāsā,
  4. Sumukhī,
  5. Durmukhī,
  6. Balā,
  7. Revatī,
  8. Prathamā,
  9. Ghorā,
  10. Saumyā,
  11. Bhīmā,
  12. Mahābalā (or Mahāmbikā),
  13. Jayā,
  14. Vijayā,
  15. Ajitā (or Jayantī),
  16. Aparājitā,
  17. Mahotkaṭā,
  18. Virūpākṣī,
  19. Śuṣkā,
  20. Ākāśamātarā,
  21. Sehārī (or Saṃhārī),
  22. Jātahārī,
  23. Daṃṣṭrālī,
  24. Śuṣkarevatī,
  25. Pipīlikā,
  26. Puṣpahārī,
  27. Aśanī (or Grasanī),
  28. Sasyahārikā,
  29. Bhadrakālī (or Rudrakālī),
  30. Subhadrā,
  31. Bhadrabhīmā (or Bhīmabhadrā)
  32. and Subhadrikā.

Each of the goddesses are plump and small, have large bellies and braod hips, and they can assume any form at will. They wear various ornaments such as a diadem and ear-rings. All of them have eight arms. In their left arms they hold a skull cup, a skull staff, a rosry and a spear. In their right arms they hold a trident, an iron club, a noose and a thunderbolt. Each deity is mounted on a different kind of animal.

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