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Somadatta, 3 Definition(s)

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1) Somadatta (सोमदत्त):—Son of Kṛśāśva (one of the two sons of Saṃyama). He satisfied Viṣṇu by performing aśvamedha sacrifices. (see Bhāgavata Purāṇa 9.2.35-36)

2) Somadatta (सोमदत्त):—Son of Bāhlīka (one of the three sons of Pratīpa). He had three sons, named Bhūri, Bhūriśravā and Śala. (see Bhāgavata Purāṇa 9.22.18-19)

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Somadatta was an ally of the Kauravas. He was a suitor to Devaki, who was the mother of Krishna. He fought with Sini, who was seeking the hand of Devaki for his friend Vasudeva. The battle was hard fought and in the end Sini emerged victorious. Devaki married Vasudeva. This incident began a bitter feud between the clan of Somadatta and the Yadavas, the clan of Sini.

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1. Somadatta. The Bodhisatta born as the son of the brahmin Aggidatta (q.v.).

2. Somadatta. The younger brother of Sutasoma. He is identified with Ananda. J.v.185,192.

3. Somadatta. A brahmin. For his story see the Bhuridatta Jataka. He is identified with Ananda. J.vi.219.

4. Somadatta. An elephant calf. See the Somadatta Jataka (No. 410).

5. Somadatta - A brahmin of Savatthi. He once played dice with another brahmin, Soma, and won the latters possessions, including his upper garment and signet ring. When Soma said he could not walk home barefoot, nor face his family without his ring, Somadatta returned his winnings and the two became great friends. Somadatta was later sentenced to death for repeated adultery. When Soma discovered this he offered his life instead and was killed. He was reborn as a deva and took Somadatta to the deva world for a week, sending him back with a wish conferring gem. Later Somadatta too was born near Soma. Ras.i.46f.

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