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Somadatta Jataka, 1 Definition(s)

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1. Somadatta Jataka (No. 211). The story of the Bodhisatta when he was born as the son of Aggidatta. For details see Aggidatta (J.ii.164-7). The story was related in reference to Laludayi who is identified with Aggidatta, and is repeated in the Dhammapada Commentary. DhA.iii.123ff.

2. Somadatta Jataka (No. 410). A wealthy brahmin of Benares once left the world and became an ascetic in the Himalaya, where he adopted an elephant calf, calling it Somadatta. One day the elephant ate too much and fell ill. The brahmin went in search of wild fruit for it, but before he could return, the animal was dead. The ascetic was filled with grief. Sakka (the Bodhisatta) saw this and, appearing before him, reminded him that it was not for this that he had left wife, wealth and children.

The story was related in reference to a monk who had ordained a novice, and, when the latter died, he was full of grief. Somadatta is identified with the novice and the brahmin with the monk. J.iii.388-91.

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