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A river in India; one of the most important of those that flow from the Himalaya (Mil.p.114).

The best horses were born in the country around its banks (AA.ii.756; MA.i.248), hence their name Sindhava (J.v.260 (22); cf.ii.290). Seri was king of both Sindhu (Sindhavarattha) and Sodhika (? Sovira) (SA.i.90).

Mention is made (VvA.332) of merchants from Anga and Magadha going to Sindhu Sovira and passing through great wildernesses on the way. The Sindhava are mentioned in the Apadana (Ap.ii.359) in a list of tribes.

The Sindhunadi is the modern Indus.

Isidasi was once born as a goat in Sindhavaranna. Thig.vs.438.

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Sindhu (सिन्धु): The Indus River, Urdu دریائے سندھ; Tibetan: Sengge Chu ('Lion River'); Persian: Hindu; Greek: Sinthos; Pashto: Abaseen ("The Father of Rivers"); Mehran (an older name)) is the longest and most important river in Pakistan. Originating in the Tibetan plateau in the vicinity of Lake Mansarovar.

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sindhu : (m.) ocean; a river.

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