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Siddhattha, 2 Definition(s)

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1. Siddhattha - The sixteenth of the twenty four Buddhas. He was born in the Viriya pleasance in the city of Vebhara, his father being the khattiya Udena and his mother Suphassa. At the time of his birth all enterprises succeeded, hence his name. He lived as a householder for ten thousand years in three palaces - Koka, Suppala and Kokanuda, (Paduma) - his wife being Sumana (Somanassa) and his son Anupama. He left home in a golden palanquin, practised austerities for ten months, had milk rice given to him by a brahmin maiden, Sunetta of Asadisa, and grass for his seat by a Yavapala, Varuna. His bodhi was a kanikara, and his first sermon was preached at Gaya. The Bodhisatta was an ascetic named Mangala, of Surasena. Samphala and Sumitta were his chief disciples among monks, and Sivala and Sarama among nuns, while Revata was his attendant. Chief among his laypatrons were Suppiya and Samudda and Ramma and Suramma. His body was sixty cubits high. He lived for one hundred thousand years, and died in the Anomarama in the city of Anoma. His thupa was four leagues in height. Bu.xvii.; BuA.185ff.; J.i.49.

2. Siddhattha - The personal name of Gotama Buddha. J.i.56, 58, etc.; iv. 50, 328; vi. 479; DhA.iii.195; Dpv.iii.197; xix.18; Mhv.ii. 24, 25. In the Mtu. he is called Sarvarthasiddha.

3. Siddhattha - An eminent monk in the time of Dutthagamani. Foreseeing dangers lying ahead, he prevented the king from marking out a very large site for the Maha Thupa (Mhv.xxix.52). He was evidently at the head of the monks present at the Foundation Ceremony of the Maha Thupa. See MT. 522, 524.

4. Siddhattha - A son of King Kassapa IV. He was appointed governor of the Malaya district and came to be called Malayaraja. He died young, however, and Kassapa built a hall for the monks in his name and instituted an offering of alms. Cv.lii.68f.

5. Siddhattha - A monk of the Uposatharama, to whom King Kittisirirajasiha gave over the Rajata vihara. The monk had it repaired and had many additions made to it. Cv.c.238ff.

6. Siddhattha - One of the palaces which will be occupied by Metteyya Buddha in his last lay life. Anagat., p. 46.

7. Siddhattha. A monk of Ceylon of the thirteenth century; he was a pupil of Buddhappiya and wrote the Saratthasangaha. P.L.C. 228f.

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siddhattha : (adj.) one who has accomplished his task. (m.), the mustard. (adj.), a semi-divine being; a magician.

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