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1 -- Cartouche (Shenu); The Cartouche was the 'place holder' for the name of the Pharoah. The Egyptian name for the Cartouche, "shenu", is derived from the verb, "sheni" meaning to encircle. It is believed the Cartouche began as a Shen Ring and was expanded to its elongated shape after the Pharoahs names were lengthened. The Cartouche had great solar symbolism, for it originally represented everything that was encircled by the Sun, such as the Pharaoh's realm.

2 -- Shen Ring (Shenu); The Shen Ring's name came from the word "Shenu", meaning to encircle. In Egypt, as in many cultures, the circle represented eternity. In addition, the Shenu represented protection for the Pharoahs titles or names. (see the Cartouche above) Common associations with the Shenu were avian Gods such as Horus the Falcon God, and vulture Gods, and as you can see from the picture here the Shenu was held in their talons.

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