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Seven Factors of Enlightenment, 3 Definition(s)

AkA: Satta Bojjhanga

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The mental qualities that provide the conditions conducive to awakening: 1. Mindfulness; sati (Pali) 2. Investigation; vicaya (Pali) 3. Energy; viriya (Pali) 4. Joy; piti (Pali) 5. Tranquility; passaddhi (Pali) 6. Concentration; samadhi (Pali) 7. Equanimity; upekkha (Pali)
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The Seven Factors of Enlightenment are:

  1. Mindfulness (sati) i.e. to be aware and mindful in all activities and movements both physical and mental
  2. Investigation (dhamma vicaya) into the nature of dhamma
  3. Energy (viriya)
  4. Joy or rapture (pīti)
  5. Relaxation or tranquility (passaddhi) of both body and mind
  6. Concentration (samādhi) a calm, one-pointed state of concentration of mind[1]
  7. Equanimity (upekkha), to be able to face life in all its vicissitudes with calm of mind and tranquility, without disturbance.
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The factors of enlightenment are:

  1. mindfulness (sati),
  2. investigation of the Dhamma (dhammavicaya, which is panna),
  3. viriya,
  4. enthusiasm (piti),
  5. calm (passaddhi),
  6. concentration (samadhi) and
  7. equanimity (upekkha).
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