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AkA: Seṇiya

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1. Seniya. A naked ascetic who practised the Canine vow, behaving like a dog. After his visit to the Buddha, as recorded in the Kukkuravatika Sutta (q.v.), he joined the Order and, in due course, became an arahant. M.i.387ff.

2. Seniya. The personal name, according to Buddhaghosa, of King Bimbisara (MA.i.292; but see SNA.ii.448, mahatiya senaya samannagatatta), who is almost always referred to as Seniya Bimbisara. Dhammapala says (UdA.104), however, that Bimbisara was called Seniya either because he had a large army, or because he belonged to the Seniya gotta (mahatiya senaya samannagatatta va Seniyagottata va).

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seṇiya : (m.) a guild-master.

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Seniya,(fr.senā) belonging to an army,soldier J.I,314.(Page 723)

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