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Realm of Humans, aka: Human Realm, World of Humans, Human World; 3 Definition(s)

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cf. loka, gati.

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Buddhists consider being born as a human to be the most fortunate state. Because they are not suffering as heavily as those in the other realms, yet are not in lengthy bliss like the gods, humans have the best chance of enlightenment.

Added: 10.Apr.2009 | BBC: Buddhism
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The human realm is the world of everyday experience. A human birth is considered the most favorable at the outset of ones spiritual life because it contains a balance of pleasure and pain. Constant pain is demoralizing and numbs initiative. Similarly persistent pleasure and success tends to breed complacency. Human life, containing both pleasure and pain, makes us aware of both these aspects of life, striking a harmonious balance. Thus since human life gives us such rare opportunities for spiritual realization, Buddhism teaches that it is very precious indeed.
Added: 16.Nov.2008 | Kheper: Wheel of Life
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