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Rajasūya (राजसूय): A sacrifice performed by a king to be entitled to assume the title of "Emperor".

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Rajasuya (Imperial Sacrifice or the king's inauguration sacrifice) was a yajna or sacrifice, performed by the ancient kings of India who considered themselves powerful enough to be an emperor. It is described in detail in the Mahabharata.

Rajasuya, like the ashwamedha, would occur after the return of generals of the king (in most cases his own kinsmen, like his brother or son) from a successful military campaign. Only the king with Sovereign power is allowed to do that.

Pandava king Yudhisthira's rajasuya is the most well known rajasuya sacrifice, described in detail in the epic Mahabharata. King Satyaharischandra also performed Rajasuya yaga successfully, and was a successful emperor in ancient times. Many Chola kings are supposed to have performed this sacrifice. One of the sangam Cholas is called Rajasuyam vetta perunarkilli (i.e. perunarkilli who performed Rajasuya), for having successfully performed this sacrifice.

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