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Patticca Samupada, 3 Definition(s)

AkA: Patticca Samupaada

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The Dependent Origination, The Law of Causation, The twelve links of conditioned co production.
Added: 29.Jun.2008 | Source: Chez Paul: A Buddhist Glossary
Rating: -
Dependent co arising; dependent origination. A map showing the way the aggregates (khandha) and sense media (ayatana) interact with ignorance (avijja) and craving (tanha) to bring about stress and suffering (dukkha). As the interactions are complex, there are several different versions of paticca samuppada given in the suttas. In the most common one, the map starts with ignorance. In another common one, the map starts with the interrelation between name (nama) and form (rupa) on the one hand, and sensory consciousness (vinnana) on the other.
Rating: -
Dependent origination or conditioned co production
Added: 27.Sep.2008 | Source: GCSE: A Glossary of Buddhist Terms
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· Paticcasamuppada
See dependent arising.
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