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Paccaya Sannissita Sīla, aka: Paccaya-sannissita-sila; 1 Definition(s)

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'morality consisting in the wise use of the monk's requisites'; s. sīla (4).

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Śīla (discipline or morality) is called innate goodness. Wholeheartedly following the good P...
Paccaya, (fr. paṭi+i, cp. Ved. pratyaya & P. pacceti, paṭicca) lit. resting on, falling back on...
Āsevana Paccaya
āsevana-paccaya, is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya).
pārisuddhisīla : (nt.) purity of livelihood.
Sannissita, (saṃ+nissita, cp. BSk. sanniśrita) based on, connected with, attached to Vism. 43, ...
Dānasīla—liberal disposition PvA.89; usually as adāna-sīla (adj.) of miserly characte...
Sila Sutta
Sīla, (nt.) (cp. Sk. śīla. It is interesting to note that the Dhtp puts down a root sīl in mean...
Sampayutta Paccaya
'condition of association', is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya).
The 4 kinds of morality consisting of purification (catupārisuddhi-sīla) are: pātimo...
Hāna Bhāgiya Sīla
h.-b.-samādhi, h.-b.-paññā: morality, concentration or wisdom connected with decline. The othe...
Paññatti Sīla
'prescribed morality', is a name for the disciplinary rules of the monk or layman prescribed by...
Indriya Samvara Sīla
'morality consisting of purity of restraint of the senses'; s. sīla.
Visesa Bhāgiya Sīla
(-samādhi, -paññā): morality (concentration, wisdom) connected with progress'. For details, s. ...
Pātimokkha Samvara Sīla
'morality consisting in restraint with regard to the Disciplinary Code' (Pātimokkha, s. prec.)....
Aññāmañña Paccaya
'mutuality-condition,' is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya).

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