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Non alertness, 1 Definition(s)

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A deluded mental factor that, being unable to distinguish faults from non faults, causes us to develop faults. See Understanding the Mind.
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· Non
One of the streams flowing from Hvergelmer.
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· Alertness
A mental factor which is a type of wisdom that examines our activity of body, sp...
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A phenomenon that functions as a main cause of suffering. It can refer to non vi...
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Traditional examples of non existents are a horn on a rabbitaE s head and a chil...
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"A term used to describe the nature of Nirvana. In Mahayana Buddhism genera...
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· Non conscientiousness
A deluded mental factor that wishes to engage in non virtuous actions without re...
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· Non Disappearance
avigata-paccaya, is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya).
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· Non Violence
s. avihimsā.
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· Non attachment
A mental factor that functions as the direct opponent of attachment. See Univers...
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A deluded mental factor that is the opposite of faith. See Understanding the Min...
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A mental factor that wishes sentient beings not to suffer. See Understanding the...
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A mental factor that functions as the direct opponent of hatred. See Universal C...
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A mental factor that functions as the direct opponent of ignorance. See Universa...
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· Tolerance of Non Birth
"Tolerance" (insight) that comes from the knowledge that all phenomena...
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· Asobhana
asobhana : (adj.) ugly; improper.
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