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Nalini, aka: Nalinī; 4 Definition(s)

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Nalinī (नलिनी):—Wife of Ajamīḍha (one of the three sons of Hastī). They had a son named Nīla. (see Bhāgavata Purāṇa 9.21.30)

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Nalinī,(f.) (Sk.nalinī) a pond J.IV,90; Vism.84,17.(Page 348)

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nalinī : (f.) a lotus pond.

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The kingdom of Vessavana. J.vi.313; but VvA. (339, 340) explains Nalini as a kilanatthana. This agrees with D.iii.202, where mention is made of a Kuvera nalini as one of the beauties of Vessavanas kingdom.

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