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Meritorious Action, 1 Definition(s)

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s. puñña, puñña-kiriya-vatthu.

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· Samma Kammanta
The fourth of the Eightfold Path; respect for life (do not kill), property (do n...
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· Action Tantra
See Four classes of Tantra.
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· Action mudra
A Highest Yoga Tantra consort who assists in developing great bliss. See Clear L...
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· Willed Action
Second of the twelve Dependent Originations; actions that shape our emerging con...
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· Bodily Action
(wholesome or unwholesome); s. karma, karma formations - Right b.a. = sammā-kamm...
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· Mental Action
mano-kamma; s. karma.
1 desc.
· Verbal Action
vacī-kamma; s. karma.
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· Ten Meritorious Deeds
The Ten Meritorious Deeds allow people to gain a happy and peaceful life as well...
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· Action close retreat
See Close retreat.
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· Course Of Action
(wholesome or unwholesome): kamma-patha.
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· Kamma Sutta
1. Kamma Sutta - Blameworthy action of body, speech and mind, and wrong views,...
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· Kamma
Kamma,(nt.) (Vedic karman,work esp.sacrificial process.For ending °man=Idg.*men ...
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· Kamma Vagga
The twenty fourth chapter of the Catukka Nipata of the Anguttara Nikaya. It cont...
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· Karma
Volition, volitional or intentional activity. Karma is always followed by its fr...
34 desc.
· Punna
merit, meritorious action, virtue, righteousness
7 desc.

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