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Mental Factors, 1 Definition(s)

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mental: s. cetasika. - F. of absorption, s. jhāna - F. of enlightenment, s. bojjhanga.

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· Seven Inseparable Mental Factors
the 7 i. m. f. in all consciousness: s. cetanā, phassa, nāma.
1 desc.
· Mental Bondages
mental: cetaso vinibandha.
1 desc.
· Mental Image
mental: s. nimitta, samādhi, kasina. -- or -- s. nimitta, kasina, samādhi. -- or...
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· Sensorial Impression
sensorial or mental: phassa.
1 desc.
· Mental Advertence
mano-dvārāvajjana; s. āvajjana.
1 desc.
· Mental Formation
sankhāra. s. Tab. II.
1 desc.
· Mental Noting
A technique used in meditation to help direct the mind to the object of meditati...
1 desc.
· Mental Function
citta-sankhāra; s. sankhāra (2).
1 desc.
· Mental Action
mano-kamma; s. karma.
1 desc.
· Mental Obduracy
1 desc.
· Five Mental Obduracies
the 5 mental: ceto-khila.
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· Seven Factors of Enlightenment
The factors of enlightenment are: mindfulness (sati), investiga...
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· Balance Of Mental Faculties
indriya samatta.
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· Equilibrium Of Mental Faculties
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· Ten factors that illustrate omniscience
Ten factors that illustrate omniscience — the first ten of the seventy ...
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