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see Ahura Mazda.

Added: 08.Apr.2011 | Avesta: Zoroastrianism Glossary
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Ahura Mazda
God, lit. 'Wise Lord', the Supreme Being of the Zoroastrians. (Var: Phl. 'Ohrmazd') -- or -- na...
Kem Na Mazda
an exorcism prayer from the Avesta.
Asura (असुर) is the Sanskrit name for a group of deities to be worshipped during raṅgapūjā, ...
literally: "possessing aša", hence "possessing truth" or "possessin...
In the Gathas, Sraosha's primary function is to propagate the religion of Ahura Mazda to hum...
Arda Viraf
Arda Viraf is chosen for his piety to undertake a journey to the next world in order to prov...
The eighth of the good lands and countries which I, Ahura Mazda, created, was Urva of the ri...
name of the founder of Zoroastrianism. (Var: Parsi Guj. 'Zarthosht', Phl. 'Zartosht, Zardusht',...
(good ). Throughout the Hebrew Scriptures two chief names are used for the one true divine Bein...
a ninth-century Pahlavi text.
the religion founded by Zarathushtra (12th century B.C.?), the oldest of the great prophetic re...
Asura Vagga
Asura, (Vedic asura in more comprehensive meaning; connected with Av. ahurō Lord, ahurō mazdā°;...
another term for the Zoroastrian religion, lit. "worship of Mazda".
lit. 'Beneficent Immortals', the highest spiritual beings created by Ahura Mazda. Sometimes ref...
one of the books of the Avesta; a high liturgical service dedicated to Ahura Mazda.

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