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see Ahura Mazda.

Added: 08.Apr.2011 | Avesta: Zoroastrianism Glossary
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· Ahura Mazda
God, lit. 'Wise Lord', the Supreme Being of the Zoroastrians. (Var: Phl. 'Ohrmaz...
2 desc.
· Kem Na Mazda
an exorcism prayer from the Avesta.
1 desc.
· Zoroastrianism
the religion founded by Zarathushtra (12th century B.C.?), the oldest of the gre...
3 desc.
· Srosh
In the Gathas, Sraosha's primary function is to propagate the religion of Ahu...
2 desc.
· Ashavan
literally: "possessing aša", hence "possessing truth" or ...
3 desc.
· Arda Viraf
Arda Viraf is chosen for his piety to undertake a journey to the next world i...
2 desc.
· God
The Ancient Egyptians' concept of "god" can be described in the fol...
6 desc.
· Bundahishn
a ninth-century Pahlavi text.
2 desc.
· Asura Vagga
Asura, (Vedic asura in more comprehensive meaning; connected with Av. ahurō Lord...
2 desc.
· Mazdayasni
another term for the Zoroastrian religion, lit. "worship of Mazda".
3 desc.
· Dakhma Nashini
Dakhma-nashini is the only method of corpse-destruction for a Zarathushtri, a...
1 desc.
· Amahraspand
lit. 'Beneficent Immortals', the highest spiritual beings created by Ahura Mazda...
1 desc.
· Asura
Asura, (Vedic asura in more comprehensive meaning; connected with Av. ahurō Lord...
14 desc.
· Urva
The eighth of the good lands and countries which I, Ahura Mazda, created, was...
3 desc.
· Zoroaster
name of the founder of Zoroastrianism. (Var: Parsi Guj. 'Zarthosht', Phl. 'Zarto...
3 desc.

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