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in Rom 2:27,29means the outward form. The "oldness of the letter" ( 7:6 ) is a phrase which denotes the old way of literal outward obedience to the law as a system of mere external rules of conduct. In 2 Corinthians 3:6 , "the letter" means the Mosaic law as a written law. (See WRITING .)

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A vocalization that is a basis for the composition of names and phrases. See Understanding the Mind.
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lekhā : (f.) writing; a letter; an inscription; a line; the art of writing.
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· Vyañjana
vyañjana : (nt.) a curry; a distinctive mark; a consonant; a letter.
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· Omega
( Revelation 1:8 ), the last letter in the Greek alphabet. (See A .)
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· Mātṛkā
Matrikas : A group of mother goddesses.
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