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Lalita, aka: Lalitā, Lālita; 6 Definition(s)

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Lalita (ललित):—The Sanskrit name for a group of temples (prāsāda) containing 25 unique varieties. It is described in the 11th-century Samarāṅgaṇasūtradhāra (chapter 56) by Bhojadeva.

The Lalita group contains the following twenty-five temple classifications:

  1. Rucaka,
  2. Bhadraka,
  3. Haṃsa,
  4. Haṃsodbhava,
  5. Pratihaṃsa,
  6. Nanda,
  7. Nandyāvarta,
  8. Dharādhara,
  9. Vardhamāna,
  10. Adrikūṭa,
  11. Śrīvatsa,
  12. Trikūṭaka,
  13. Muktakoṇa,
  14. Gaja,
  15. Garuḍa,
  16. Siṃha,
  17. Bhava,
  18. Vibhava,
  19. Padma,
  20. Mālādhara,
  21. Vajraka,
  22. Svastika,
  23. Śaṅku,
  24. Malaya,
  25. Makaradhvaja.

These are the names of 25 out of a total of 64 temple types mentioned in same chapter.

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Lalitā (ललिता).—The Divine Playfulness is personified either as Krishna or as a manifestation of Pārvatī known as Lalitā. She holds the Pāśa, Ankuśa and a sugar-cane bow with which she shoots the five arrows of the sense-objects.

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Tripura-Sundarī is also known as Lalitā. The wise say: “The word Lalitā has eight meanings, namely brilliance, manifestation, sweetness, depth, fixity, energy, grace and generosity; are the eight human qualities.”

The Kāma-śastra says: — Lalitā means erotic actions and also tenderness; as she has all the above- mentioned qualities she is called Lalitā.

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1) A type of glance (or facial expression): Lalita (graceful): the comers of the eyes closed by the movement of the brows, smiling because of the working of Love, direct; it is used in graceful posing (lalita), etc.

2) One of the saṃyutta-hastāni (Twenty-six combined Hands).—Lālita the same hands crossed near the head. Patron deity Vaiṣṇavī. Usage: sāl-tree, mountain.

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Here we speak of the great Goddess Lalitā , who is also known as Tripurasundarī , Mahārājñī and Rājarājeśvarī amongst other names. She is the presiding deity of the most esoteric yogic practices associated with the Śrī Cakra (also called Śrī Yantra) that are collectively called Śrī Vidyā .

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lalita : (nt.) grace; charm. || lālita (pp. of lāleti), lulled; quelled; soothed.

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