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Khandha Parinibbāna, 1 Definition(s)

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s. nibbāna.

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· Parinirvana
The Buddhas final Nirvana, entered by him at the time of death.
13 desc.
· Skandhas
The five groups of elements (Dharmas) into which all existences are classified...
11 desc.
· Khandha
Aggregate, category Pancakkhandha, The five Aggregates, The five causally condit...
6 desc.
· Khandha Sutta
1. Khandha Sutta - The four satipatthanas must be developed in order to destroy ...
2 desc.
· Khandha Paritta
Khandha Paritta - One of the Parittas included in the collection of Parittas (Mi...
2 desc.
· Parinibbana Sutta
1. Parinibbana Sutta An account of the death of the Buddha at Kusinara. It co...
2 desc.
· Parivasika Khandha
The second section of the Culla Vagga of the Vinaya Pitaka.
2 desc.
· Samuccaya Khandha
The third chapter of the Culla Vagga of the Vinaya Pitaka. Vin.ii.38 72.
2 desc.
· Khandha Samyutta
Khandha Samyutta - The twenty second chapter of the Samyutta Nikaya and the firs...
1 desc.
· Khandha Vagga
Khandha Vagga - The third book of the Samyutta Nikaya. It consists of thirteen c...
1 desc.
· Kilesa Parinibbāna
s. nibbāna (1).
1 desc.
· Khandha Santāna
s. santāna.
1 desc.
· Maha Parinibbana Sutta
Maha Parinibbana Sutta in Pali and Maha Parinirvana Sutra in Sanskrit. Also know...
1 desc.
· Vinnana
Consciousness; cognizance; the act of taking note of sense data and ideas as ...
9 desc.
· Nirvana
The deathless; the cessation of all suffering. The very opposite of the Wheel of...
34 desc.

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