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Kāyagandha, aka: Kaya-gandha; 1 Definition(s)

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1 Definition(s) from various sources:

Kāyagandha:—Spelling for °gantha at Nett 115‹-› 119; 

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· Kaya
Kāya (काय) is a Sanskrit technical term referring to the anabolic character o...
11 desc.
· Gandhā
Gandhā (गन्धा) is another name (synonym) for Śaṭī, which is a Sanskrit name f...
9 desc.
· Kāyagantha
Kāyagantha:—Bodily tie or fetter (binding one to saṃsāra), of which the...
4 desc.
· Kāyaviññāṇa
Kāyaviññāṇa:—Consciousness by means of touch, sensory consciousness D. ...
3 desc.
· Kāyakamma
Kāyakamma:—“bodily action, ” deed performed by the body in ...
3 desc.
· Kāyamudutā
Kāyamudutā:—Pliability of sense=°kammaññatā Dhs. 44, 277, 324; Bdhd...
2 desc.
· Kāyavaṅka
Kāyavaṅka:—Crookedness of action A. I, 112;
2 desc.
· Kayavikkaya
Kayavikkaya (kraya vikraya) buying & selling, trade in °paṭivirata D....
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· Kāyaveyyāvacca
Kāyaveyyāvacca:—Menial duties J. I, 12; °kara a servant J. II, 334;...
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· Ajagandhā
1) Ajagandhā (अजगन्धा) is a Sanskrit word referring to Cleome gynandra (stink...
2 desc.
· Kāyasoceyya
Kāyasoceyya:—Purification of body (+vacī°, mano°) D. III, 219; ...
2 desc.
· Balakāya
Balakāya:—A great crowd Sn. p. 105; DhA. I, 193, 398.
2 desc.
· Kāyadaratha
Kāyadaratha:—Bodily distress J. V, 397; VI, 295; 
2 desc.
· Kāyasamphassa
Kāyasamphassa:—The sense of touch (see āyatana) D. III, 243; S. V, 351;...
2 desc.
· Kāyaparihārika
Kāyaparihārika:—Tending or protecting the body D. I, 71=A. II, 209=Pug....
2 desc.

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