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Jnana, 2 Definition(s)

AkA: Jñāna, Gñāna

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The Sanskrit term for "knowledge."

Added: 29.Jun.2012 | Source: ReligionNet: Hinduism Glossary
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1) Jnana (ज्ञान): Knowledge of the eternal and real

2) Jñāna is a Sanskrit word that means knowledge. It has various nuances of meaning depending on the context, and is used in a number of different Indian religions. The idea of jnana centers around a cognitive event which is recognized when experienced. It is knowledge inseparable from the total experience of reality, especially a total reality, or supreme being within Mahesha-dhama (and/or material world) such as Siva-Sakti.

etymology: Jñāna or gñāna (/dʒəˈnɑːnə/,[1] Sanskrit; Pali: ñāṇa)

Added: 29.Jun.2012 | Source: WikiPedia: Glossary of Hinduism terms
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