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A park near the city of Sravasti, said to have been obtained from Prince Jeta by Anathapindika, in which monasterial buildings were erected; the favorite resort of Sakyamuni.
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1. Jetavana - A park in Savatthi, in which was built the Anathapindikarama. When the Buddha accepted Anathapindikas invitation to visit Savatthi the latter, seeking a suitable place for the Buddhas residence, discovered this park belonging to Jetakumara (MA.i.471 says it was in the south of Savatthi). When he asked to be allowed to buy it, Jetas reply was: Not even if you could cover the whole place with money. Anathapindika said that he would buy it at that price, and when Jeta answered that he had had no intention of making a bargain, the matter was taken before the Lords of Justice, who decided that if the price mentioned were paid, Anathapindika had the right of purchase. Anathapindika had gold brought down in carts and covered Jetavana with pieces laid side by side. (This incident is illustrated in a bas relief at the Bharhut Tope; see Cunningham - the Stupa of Bharhut, Pl.lvii., pp.84-6). The money brought in the first journey was found insufficient to cover one small spot near the gateway. So Anathapindika sent his servants back for more, but Jeta, inspired by Anathapindikas earnestness, asked to be allowed to give this spot. Anathapindika agreed and Jeta erected there a gateway, with a room over it. Anathapindika built in the grounds dwelling rooms, retiring rooms, store rooms and service halls, halls with fireplaces, closets, cloisters, halls for exercise, wells, bathrooms, ponds, open and roofed sheds, etc. (Vin.ii.158f).

It is said (MA.i.50; UdA.56f) that Anathapindika paid eighteen crores for the purchase of the site, all of which Jeta spent in the construction of the gateway gifted by him. (The gateway was evidently an imposing structure; see J.ii.216).

Jeta gave, besides, many valuable trees for timber. Anathapindika himself spent fifty four crores in connection with the purchase of the park and the buildings erected in it.

The ceremony of dedication was one of great splendour. Not only Anathapindika himself, but his whole family took part: his son with five hundred other youths, his wife with five hundred other noble women, and his daughters Maha Subhadda and Cula Subhadda with five hundred other maidens. Anathapindika was attended by five hundred bankers. The festivities in connection with the dedication lasted for nine months (J.i.92ff).

Some of the chief buildings attached to the Jetavana are mentioned in the books by special names, viz., Mahagandhakuti, Kaverimandalamala, Kosambakuti and Candanamala. SNA.ii.403. Other buildings are also mentioned - e.g., the Ambalakotthaka asanasala (J.ii.246). According to Tibetan sources the vihara was built according to a plan sent by the devas of Tusita and contained sixty large halls and sixty small. The Dulva also gives details of the decorative scheme of the vihara (Rockhill: op. cit.48 and n.2).

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