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Jara Vagga, aka: Jarā vagga; 2 Definition(s)

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Jarā,(f.) & (older) jaras (nt.) (of the latter only the Instr.jarasā in use:Sn.804,1123 (=jarāya Nd2 249).-- Sk.jarā & jaraḥ to *gerā: see jarati; cp.Gr.gh_ras,gέras,grau_s old age,etc.See also jīraṇa(tā)) decay,decrepitude,old age Vin.I,10,34; A.I,51,138 (as Death’s messenger); V,144 sq.(bhabbo jaraṃ pahātuṃ); Sn.311 (cp.D.III,75); J.I,59; Th.2,252 sq.; Vism.502 (def.as twofold & discussed in its valuation as dukkha).Defined as “yā tesaṃ sattānaṃ tamhi tamhi sattanikāye jarā jīraṇatā khaṇḍiccaṃ pāliccaṃ valittacatā āyuno saṃhāni indriyānaṃ paripāko” D.II,305=M.I,49= S.II,2=Nd2 252=Dhs.644,cp.Dhs.trsl.p.195.-- Frequently combd with maraṇa (maccu,etc.) “decay & death” (see under jāti as to formulas):°maraṇa,D.II,31 sq.; M.I,49; Sn.575; °maccu Sn.581,1092,1094.ajarāmara not subject to decay & death (cp.ajajjara) Th.II,512; Pv.II,611; Vv 6311; J.III,515.

--ghara the house of age (adj.) like a decayed house Th.2,270 (=jiṇṇagharasadisa ThA.213).--jajjara feeble with age J.I,59; --jiṇṇa decrepit with age PvA.148; --dhamma subject to growing old A.I,138,145; II,172,247; III,54 sq.,71 sq.; --patta old J.III,394; IV,403; --bhaya fear of old age A.I,179; II,121; --vata the wind of age DhA.IV,25.--sutta the Suttanta on old age,N.of Sutta Nipāta IV.6 (p.157 sq.; beginning with “appaṃ vata jīvitaṃ idaṃ”),quoted at DhA.III,320.(Page 279)

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1. Jara Vagga - The sixth chapter of the Devata Samyutta. S.i.36-9.

2. Jara Vagga - The fifth chapter of the Indriya Samyutta. S.v.216-27.

3. Jara Vagga - The eleventh section of the Dhammapada.

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