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Jachin, 3 Definition(s)

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(he shall establish ).

  1. One of the two pillars which were set up "in the porch," ( 1 Kings 7:21 ) or before the temple. ( 2 Chronicles 3:17 ) of Solomon. (BOAZ)
  2. Fourth son of Simeon, ( Genesis 46:10 ; Exodus 6:15 ) founder of the family of the Jachinites. ( Numbers 26:12 )
  3. Head of the twenty-first course of priests in the time of David. ( 1 Chronicles 9:10 ; 24:17 ; Nehemiah 11:10 )

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he that strengthens and makes steadfast

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The fourth son of Simeon ( Genesis 46:10 ), called also Jarib ( 1 Chronicles 4:24 ).

The head of one of the courses (the twenty-first) of priests ( 1 Chronicles 24:17 ).

One of the priests who returned from the Exile ( 1 Chronicles 9:10 ).

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