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AkA: Ghṛitāchī

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Ghritachi was an Apsara, a dancer in the court of Indra. She is the spiritual mother of Drona and the sage Shuka. In both cases, she was merely the cause for their birth. When the sage Bharadwaja saw the semi-nude form of this Apsara, his vital fluid emerged from his body and was stored in a water vessel by him. The son born of that vessel was Drona. See here.

When the sage Vyasa beheld the beautiful form of this nymph, he was preparing the sacrificial fire. The Apsara transformed herself into a parrot. The vital fluid of the Rishi fell on the Arani sticks and his son Shuka was born from them. See here.

She was also the mother of the sage Ruru, who was begotten on her by Pramati, the son of sage Chyavana.

Added: 15.Jun.2012 | Source: Apam Napat: Indian Mythology
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