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mentioned in Scripture, of Eden ( Genesis 2:8 Genesis 2:9 ); Ahab's garden of herbs ( 1 Kings 21:2 ); the royal garden ( 2 Kings 21:18 ); the royal garden at Susa ( Esther 1:5 ); the garden of Joseph of Arimathea ( John 19:41 ); of Gethsemane ( John 18:1 ).

The "king's garden" mentioned 2 Kings 25:4 , Nehemiah 3:15 , was near the Pool of Siloam.

Gardens were surrounded by hedges of thorns ( Isaiah 5:5 ) or by walls of stone ( Proverbs 24:31 ). "Watch-towers" or "lodges" were also built in them ( Isaiah 1:8 ; Mark 12:1 ), in which their keepers sat. On account of their retirement they were frequently used as places for secret prayer and communion with God ( Genesis 24:63 ; Matthew 26:30-36 ; John 1:48 ; John 18:1 John 18:2 ). The dead were sometimes buried in gardens ( Genesis 23:19 Genesis 23:20 ; 2 Kings Genesis 21:18 Genesis 21:26 ; 1 Samuel 25:1 ; Mark 15:46 ; John 19:41 ). (See PARADISE .)

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